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The Jefferson Education Exchange is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by a team of education leaders who share a belief in the potential for collective action and a thoughtful mechanism for analyzing, aggregating and disseminating information to explain why any given edtech tool can thrive in some environments, but not in others. Our community is dedicated to understanding and explaining what makes the difference.

Traditional education research is important and valuable. However, it's time to add a new layer of research and analysis to support improved decision-making - collecting large amounts of high quality feedback from the front lines.

Because we believe that the collective experience of educators can unlock our shared potential, we support educators with funding and support to help them document their implementation experiences in a way that has never been captured at scale. We work to pioneer a new paradigm for educational research that considers not just efficacy, but the complex and difficult to measure world of education technology implementation.

We also believe that educators benefit from opportunities to discuss their experiences with particular edtech products in the absence of vendors. We facilitate open and honest information-sharing by convening educators in a confidential environment.

To maintain the highest standards of quality, the work and research conducted by the Jefferson Education Exchange is subject to the oversight of the University of Virginia and, where applicable, its Institutional Review Board. JEX does not collect personally identifiable information about students.

Our Leadership


"The information we need to support better edtech decision-making is currently stranded in the heads of hundreds of thousand educators nationwide. The time has come to give these professionals the mechanism, shared language, incentives, and support they need to document their work for the common good. As we begin to understand which edtech "implementation variables" matter most we can make much better decisions about which technologies to select, and how to properly implement them in our nation’s classrooms and lecture halls."

— Bart Epstein, President and CEO of the Jefferson Education Exchange, and Research Associate Professor at the University of Virginia Curry School of Education

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