Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Will Give $1.6 Million to Study Educators’ Experiences With Ed Tech

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Laura Fay
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The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative announced Monday it is providing more than $1.6 million over two years to the Jefferson Education Exchange, a nonprofit that helps educators nationwide make informed decisions about education technology.

The grant will enable the Jefferson Education Exchange to create a system for measuring how various ed tech tools work in different school contexts.

Based at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education and Human Development, the Jefferson Education Exchange studies how teachers use education technology to help districts and other educators figure out which ones will be best for their classrooms.

To do that, the researchers pay educators a cash stipend to answer questions about their schools and record how they use the ed tech that is available to them. The goal is to figure out how factors like school culture and teacher involvement in school decision-making affect the ways teachers and students use certain technology products. Eventually, that information will be widely available to help teachers and school leaders decide what to buy for their schools.

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