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EdTech Decisions with Confidence

The Jefferson Education Accelerator (“JEA”) and the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education ("UVA") understand the challenges of selecting EdTech products with reliable positive student outcomes amidst the hundreds of choices available. JEA and UVA want to help you make the choices that have the greatest positive impact on student outcomes and your district budget. To this end, JEA has created the K-12 Network to:

  • Elevate the importance and value of product efficacy for both school districts and the education industry that serve them.
  • Improve the quality and utility of education product information for school districts.
  • Increase the volume and quality of product testing in school systems.
  • Contribute useful knowledge to the education industry that informs all relevant stakeholders.

Try Before You Buy

Our product testing opportunities offer a significant value to K-12 Network school districts as the districts receive meaningful insight into student and teacher use and impact, at no cost.

As JEA selects, reviews and engages high quality education businesses, there will be opportunities for K-12 Network districts to test the products that match your district profile. Examples of testing include JEA supervised pilots or multi-year faculty-lead, experimental design studies.

Positive Impact for Your Students and Your Budget

Your school district spends millions of dollars each year on technologies that support teaching and learning. Which are making a measurable difference? Which are not?

The EdTech products you choose for your school impact student outcomes and budget. Your school district’s “shopping experience” is incredibly challenging, time-consuming, and rife with potentially costly missteps. Joining JEA's K-12 Network provides you with:

  1. Affiliation with the JEA and UVA brands that are representative of research, efficacy, and informed decision-making.
  2. A JEA school district review that articulates your district’s EdTech needs.
  3. Opportunities to learn about highly effective EdTech products and companies.
  4. Industry sector reports developed for school district leaders and available only to JEA K-12 Network members.
  5. Opportunities to evaluate products that fit your school district needs. These tests are supervised by a UVA faculty member. In some cases, JEA's strategic research partner, American Institutes for Research, will perform these evaluations.

Get started today and reduce EdTech risk! Take our short school district needs survey and let us know what EdTech needs your school has over the next three years.

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* Membership in JEA's K-12 Network is free of charge to qualifying school districts and your district information will remain confidential. We only ask that you consider sharing your JEA K-12 Network experience with other school districts in the network so that all member districts benefit from this learning.

For more information, please contact Todd Bloom, Chief Academic Officer, Jefferson Education Accelerator.