We collaborate with organizations and individuals that:

  • Share our vision of an education ecosystem in which edtech decision-making is based upon robust contextually relevant information;
  • Help us to identify a representative sample of educators and practitioners to participate in our research and data collection project; and
  • Work together with us to solve collective action problems that require cooperation for the common good.

How to Get Involved

Research Partners

We partner with research organizations to bring experts to the table to participate in sector-wide standard-setting working groups dedicated to better understanding implementation contexts for education technology.

Funding Partners

We provide a pathway for philanthropists to support research on edtech implementation in specific disciplines, and partner with philanthropists to design and implement studies on edtech implementation to advance their investment and advocacy efforts.

Strategic Partners

We partner with associations and other non-profits that can help bring a representative sample of educators across disciplines to the research table, as well as those organizations that can help design and recruit educators to participate in research on edtech implementation in discrete disciplines.

Visit Participate to learn about active projects.

Current projects

Developing a Common Language for EdTech Implementation

Our inaugural project addresses the gap between edtech research and implementation. It’s about understanding what matters in the complex world of edtech implementation and facilitating a new conversation about our shared barriers — and achievements.

Visit Participate to keep up to date on the project’s progress and learn how to get involved.


Accepting interest from educators who might be willing to provide feedback and receive a stipend

If you’re working on the front lines of education and regularly selecting or using edtech tools for teaching and learning, we want to hear from you. We provide stipends and support to educators and other edtech decision-makers to help gather information that advances our collective understanding of edtech implementation efficacy and to help build a replete database of tools for consideration in our implementation research.

To get involved, please visit the Participate page to apply. 

Our Current Partners

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