Who We Serve

We define, collect, and analyze a new generation of contextually relevant data that educators can use to select edtech tools that are more likely to be the right fit for their contexts and local environments.

Who We Serve and Support

Educators and Institutional Leaders: JEX provides educators with stipends and support to capture insights that matter about the implementation of education technology.


Who Else Benefits from Our Work

  • Students deserve education technologies that support their learning most effectively. Every student and classroom is different. We collect data that will help explain how and why different technologies work differently in various environments.
  • Researchers need vastly increased amounts of contextually relevant data to be gathered from the front lines of education so that they can design and carry out high-impact studies to inform better decision-making.
  • Vendors benefit when their products are properly implemented, but they often have limited insight into why their engagements with some schools or institutions thrive while others struggle. The data we collect helps them better implement their products to achieve their intended results.
  • Philanthropists care deeply about specific parts of our education system, yet often lack access to data that shows how specific technology supports are or are not having the desired impact -- and why. JEX partners with funders to gather this essential information from educators on the front lines of education technology implementation.

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