Black Gold Tv Show Where Are They Now

Black Gold TV Show: Where Are They Now?

Black Gold was a popular reality TV show that aired on truTV from 2008 to 2013. The show followed the lives of roughneck oil drillers as they worked on oil rigs in West Texas. With its intense drama, high-stakes competition, and larger-than-life characters, Black Gold quickly became a fan favorite. But it has been years since the show ended, so where are the cast members now? In this article, we will take a look at what the cast of Black Gold has been up to and reveal some interesting facts about the show.

Interesting Facts about Black Gold:

1. The show was inspired by the 2007 movie “No Country for Old Men.” The success of the film, set in West Texas, led to the creation of a reality TV show showcasing the oil drilling industry in the same region.

2. The cast members were real roughnecks. Unlike many other reality shows, the cast of Black Gold were not actors but actual oil drillers. They were chosen based on their experience and expertise in the field.

3. The show faced criticism for its portrayal of the oil industry. Some viewers accused the show of glamorizing the dangers and environmental impact of oil drilling. However, the producers maintained that the show aimed to provide an accurate depiction of the industry.

4. Black Gold was not just about drilling for oil. The show also delved into the personal lives of the cast members, showcasing their relationships, struggles, and triumphs outside of work. This added a human element to the show, making it more relatable to viewers.

5. The show’s theme song, “Devil’s Right Hand” by Steve Earle, became synonymous with Black Gold. The song perfectly captured the ruggedness and intensity of the oil drilling industry and set the tone for the show.

6. Black Gold enjoyed high ratings during its run. The show’s unique concept and compelling storytelling resonated with viewers, making it one of truTV’s most-watched programs.

7. Despite its popularity, Black Gold was canceled after five seasons. The show struggled to maintain the same level of excitement and drama in later seasons, leading to a decline in viewership and ultimately its cancellation.

Where Are They Now?

1. Brandon Watson: Brandon, who was one of the main cast members, left the oil drilling industry after the show ended. He now works as a consultant for various energy companies and also runs his own business.

2. Derrick Neatherlin: After leaving Black Gold, Derrick continued working in the oil industry for a few more years before retiring. He now enjoys spending time with his family and pursuing his hobbies.

3. Randy Stumpf: Randy left the oil drilling industry and started his own construction company. He now focuses on building houses and has found success in his new venture.

4. Wes Stetson: Wes, known for his wild personality on the show, went on to become a motivational speaker. He uses his experiences in the oil industry to inspire others and help them overcome challenges.

5. Mike Rowe: Although not a cast member, Mike Rowe, the narrator of Black Gold, became a household name thanks to his distinctive voice and witty commentary on the show. He has since gone on to host other popular TV shows, including Dirty Jobs and Somebody’s Gotta Do It.

6. Black Gold’s legacy lives on. While the show may have ended, its impact on the oil drilling industry and reality TV genre cannot be understated. Black Gold paved the way for other shows like Alaska Gold Diggers and Gold Rush, which continue to captivate audiences.

7. There have been rumors of a Black Gold reunion. Fans of the show have been eagerly awaiting news of a potential reunion or spin-off series. While nothing has been confirmed yet, the show’s loyal fan base remains hopeful for a return to West Texas oilfields.

Common Questions about Black Gold:

1. Was Black Gold scripted? No, the show was not scripted. The events and interactions on the show were real and unscripted.

2. How dangerous is oil drilling? Oil drilling can be a dangerous profession due to the heavy machinery, high-pressure equipment, and potential for accidents. However, safety measures are in place to minimize risks.

3. Did any cast members get injured during filming? Yes, some cast members experienced injuries while filming Black Gold. However, these incidents were not staged for the show and were a result of the inherent risks of the job.

4. Are the oil rigs in Black Gold still in operation? Some of the oil rigs featured on the show are still in operation, while others may have been decommissioned or replaced.

5. Did the cast members receive compensation for being on the show? Yes, the cast members were paid for their participation in Black Gold. However, the exact details of their contracts have not been disclosed.

6. What happened to the oil price during the show’s run? The oil price fluctuated significantly during the show’s run, with highs exceeding $140 per barrel in 2008 and lows around $30 per barrel in 2009. These price fluctuations impacted the oil industry and the cast members’ work.

7. Did Black Gold contribute to increased interest in the oil industry? Black Gold certainly brought attention to the oil industry, but it is unclear whether it directly led to increased interest in the field.

8. How long did it take to film an episode of Black Gold? Each episode typically took several weeks to film, as the crew followed the cast members’ daily routines and captured significant events on the oil rigs.

9. Were there any conflicts among the cast members? Yes, conflicts and tensions among the cast members were a part of the show’s drama. However, it is unclear how much of it was exaggerated for entertainment purposes.

10. Did any cast members pursue careers in the entertainment industry after the show? While some cast members had opportunities to pursue careers in the entertainment industry, such as hosting or acting, most chose to remain in their respective fields.

11. Did the show accurately depict the oil drilling industry? The show aimed to provide an accurate portrayal of the oil drilling industry, but it also focused on creating compelling storylines and dramatic moments for entertainment purposes.

12. How did the show impact the West Texas community? The show brought attention and tourism to the West Texas community, which had both positive and negative effects. Some locals appreciated the exposure, while others felt the show misrepresented their way of life.

13. Did Black Gold face any controversies during its run? The show faced criticism for its portrayal of the oil industry, as some viewers believed it glamorized the dangers and environmental impact of drilling. However, no major controversies surrounded the show.

14. Are there any plans for a Black Gold reboot or spin-off? While nothing has been confirmed, there have been rumors of a potential Black Gold reunion or spin-off series. Fans eagerly await any news regarding the show’s future.

15. Where can I watch episodes of Black Gold? Episodes of Black Gold can be found on various streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video or YouTube, or purchased as DVD sets.

In conclusion, Black Gold was a groundbreaking reality TV show that showcased the lives of roughneck oil drillers in West Texas. While the show may have ended, its impact on the oil industry and reality TV genre remains. The cast members have moved on to various endeavors, but fans of the show continue to hope for a reunion or spin-off series.

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