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Court TV is a popular channel on DirecTV that caters to those who have a keen interest in the justice system and true crime. With a range of captivating legal dramas, documentaries, and live trial coverage, Court TV offers viewers an inside look into the world of law and order. In this article, we will explore Court TV on DirecTV, including its channel number and seven interesting facts about the channel. Additionally, we will address 15 common questions about Court TV with detailed answers at the end of the article.

Court TV can be found on DirecTV on channel 355. This channel has become a go-to destination for legal enthusiasts who want to stay updated on high-profile cases, gain insights into the legal system, and explore true crime stories. Here are seven interesting facts about Court TV:

1. Revival: Court TV was initially launched in 1991 and became a prominent network known for its live trial coverage. However, it was rebranded as TruTV in 2008, focusing more on reality-based programming. In 2019, the network was revived with its original name and returned to its roots of legal programming.

2. Live Trial Coverage: Court TV offers live coverage of high-profile trials, allowing viewers to witness the courtroom drama as it unfolds. This includes high-profile cases like murder trials, celebrity trials, and other significant legal proceedings.

3. Original Programming: Alongside live trial coverage, Court TV produces original programming dedicated to true crime, including documentary series that delve into notorious cases and explore legal investigations.

4. Legal Experts: Court TV boasts a team of legal experts and experienced anchors who provide insightful analysis and commentary during live trial coverage and other legal programming. These experts offer viewers a comprehensive understanding of the cases and legal processes.

5. Courtroom Cameras: Court TV is known for its use of cameras in courtrooms, allowing viewers to see the courtroom proceedings up close. This provides transparency and educates the public about the legal system.

6. Court TV App: Court TV offers a free app that allows viewers to stream live trial coverage, catch up on missed episodes, and access a library of true crime content. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

7. Educational Value: Court TV provides educational value by offering viewers an inside look at the justice system. It helps viewers understand the intricacies of courtroom procedures, legal arguments, and the impact of evidence and witness testimonies.

Now, let’s address 15 common questions about Court TV on DirecTV:

1. What channel is Court TV on DirecTV? Court TV can be found on DirecTV on channel 355.

2. Is Court TV available in HD? Yes, Court TV is available in high definition (HD) for DirecTV subscribers.

3. Can I watch Court TV on-demand? Yes, Court TV offers on-demand content through its website and mobile app.

4. Does Court TV have a live streaming service? Yes, Court TV offers a live streaming service on its website and mobile app.

5. Can I access Court TV on my mobile device? Yes, Court TV has a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices.

6. Does Court TV air original programming? Yes, Court TV produces original programming dedicated to true crime and legal documentaries.

7. Can I watch live trial coverage on Court TV? Yes, Court TV provides live trial coverage of high-profile cases.

8. Are there commercials on Court TV? Yes, like most television channels, Court TV airs commercials during its programming.

9. Can I record Court TV shows on DirecTV DVR? Yes, DirecTV subscribers can record Court TV shows using their DVR.

10. Does Court TV offer closed captioning? Yes, Court TV provides closed captioning for its programming.

11. Is Court TV included in all DirecTV packages? Court TV is available in the DirecTV Entertainment package and above.

12. Can I watch Court TV without a DirecTV subscription? No, Court TV is only available to DirecTV subscribers.

13. Does Court TV air international cases? While Court TV primarily focuses on U.S. trials and legal content, it occasionally covers significant international cases.

14. How can I contact Court TV for inquiries or feedback? You can visit the Court TV website for contact information, including an email address and phone number.

15. Can I watch Court TV in real-time on the Court TV website? Yes, Court TV’s website offers a live stream of the channel’s programming.

In conclusion, Court TV on DirecTV is a channel dedicated to legal programming, offering live trial coverage, original documentaries, and true crime content. With its educational value and captivating programming, Court TV provides viewers with a unique insight into the justice system. Tune in to channel 355 on DirecTV to embark on a journey into the world of law and order.

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