Devilʼs Knot True Story Facts Terry Hobbs

Title: The Devil’s Knot True Story: Unraveling the Facts about Terry Hobbs


The infamous case of the West Memphis Three has captivated the world for decades, with its haunting tale of three young boys brutally murdered in West Memphis, Arkansas, in 1993. Among the key figures in this true crime story is Terry Hobbs, the stepfather of one of the victims, whose involvement has been the subject of much speculation and controversy. In this article, we will delve into the facts surrounding Terry Hobbs and shed light on seven interesting details about his role in the Devil’s Knot case.

1. Terry Hobbs: The Stepfather:
Terry Hobbs was the stepfather of Stevie Branch, one of the young victims. As the investigation unfolded, suspicion began to fall on Hobbs due to his proximity to the crime scene and alleged violent tendencies. Many believed he may have been involved in the murders.

2. The Mysterious Hair:
A hair was found in a ligature used to bind one of the victims. DNA testing indicated that the hair did not belong to any of the convicted West Memphis Three members. In 2007, the hair was linked to Terry Hobbs, leading some to believe he may have been involved.

3. Allegations of Domestic Abuse:
During a custody battle with his ex-wife, Pam Hobbs, Terry was accused of being physically abusive towards her and Stevie. These allegations further fueled suspicions about his involvement in the crime.

4. Terry’s Inconsistent Statements:
Over the years, Terry Hobbs has given conflicting statements regarding his activities on the day of the murders. These inconsistencies have raised doubts about his credibility and have been used by some to implicate him in the crime.

5. The Knife Found in Terry’s Possession:
In 2007, a knife was discovered in Terry Hobbs’ possession, which had allegedly been used in the murders. However, subsequent DNA testing failed to link the knife to the crime scene or any of the victims.

6. Terry Hobbs’ Lawsuit:
In 2010, Terry Hobbs filed a defamation lawsuit against several individuals involved in the documentary “West of Memphis,” which shed light on the case and raised questions about his potential involvement. The lawsuit was eventually dismissed.

7. Terry’s Official Statement:
Terry Hobbs maintains his innocence and denies any involvement in the murders. He asserts that he had nothing to do with the crime and points to the convictions of the West Memphis Three as proof of their guilt.

Common Questions about Terry Hobbs and the Devil’s Knot Case:

1. Was Terry Hobbs ever charged in connection with the murders?
No, Terry Hobbs has never been charged or officially named a suspect in the case.

2. Did Terry Hobbs have a motive to harm the boys?
While some have speculated about a possible motive due to alleged domestic issues, no concrete evidence linking Terry Hobbs to a motive has been presented.

3. What is the significance of the hair found in the ligature?
The discovery of the hair, which belongs to Terry Hobbs, has raised questions about his potential involvement. However, it does not definitively prove his guilt.

4. Why were the allegations of domestic abuse not thoroughly investigated?
The case’s focus primarily revolved around the West Memphis Three, leading to limited investigation into other potential suspects, including Terry Hobbs.

5. How reliable is the DNA evidence linking Terry Hobbs to the hair found?
The DNA evidence linking the hair to Terry Hobbs is considered reliable. However, it does not establish his direct involvement in the murders.

6. Did Terry Hobbs’ lawsuit shed any new light on the case?
Terry Hobbs’ lawsuit did not provide any substantial new evidence or information regarding the case.

7. Have any witnesses come forward implicating Terry Hobbs?
No witnesses have come forward with concrete evidence directly implicating Terry Hobbs in the murders.

8. Were there any other suspects in the case?
Various individuals have been considered as potential suspects, but none were officially charged or convicted.

9. How did Terry Hobbs react to the convictions of the West Memphis Three?
Terry Hobbs expressed satisfaction with the convictions of the West Memphis Three and believed justice had been served.

10. Has Terry Hobbs ever publicly addressed the allegations against him?
Terry Hobbs has maintained his innocence throughout the years and has publicly denied any involvement in the murders.

11. What role did Terry Hobbs play during the investigation?
Terry Hobbs cooperated with law enforcement during the investigation and provided them with information.

12. Did Terry Hobbs testify during the trials of the West Memphis Three?
No, Terry Hobbs did not testify during the trials of the West Memphis Three.

13. Did Terry Hobbs ever seek to have the case reinvestigated?
Terry Hobbs has not publicly called for the case to be reinvestigated.

14. Were there any other pieces of evidence linking Terry Hobbs to the crime?
Aside from the hair found in the ligature, no other direct evidence linking Terry Hobbs to the crime has been presented.

15. Is the case officially closed?
Since the release of the West Memphis Three after their Alford pleas in 2011, the case is considered closed, barring any new evidence surfacing.


The Devil’s Knot case continues to intrigue and divide opinions regarding the guilt or innocence of the West Memphis Three. Terry Hobbs, as a central figure in this true crime saga, has faced intense scrutiny and speculation. While some intriguing details and questions surround his involvement, the concrete evidence tying him to the murders remains inconclusive. The mystery surrounding Terry Hobbs and his potential role in this tragic event will likely persist, leaving us with an unresolved chapter in this haunting true crime story.

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