Promises Documentary Where Are They Now

Promises Documentary: Where Are They Now?

Promises is a critically acclaimed documentary film released in 2001 that explores the lives of seven children living in Jerusalem during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The film delves into the hopes, dreams, and daily struggles of these children, offering a unique perspective on the complex issue. Over the years, viewers have often wondered what happened to these children after the cameras stopped rolling. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Promises documentary and provide you with seven interesting facts about the lives of these children since the film’s release.

1. Moishe still lives in Jerusalem: Moishe, a Jewish boy from the religious neighborhood of Mea Shearim, still resides in Jerusalem. He has become an Orthodox rabbi and is actively involved in promoting peace and dialogue between Jewish and Palestinian communities.

2. Sanabel now lives in Palestine: Sanabel, a Palestinian girl living in the Shuafat refugee camp, has grown into a confident young woman. She currently lives in Palestine and works as a journalist, using her voice to shed light on the ongoing conflict.

3. Faraj is now a filmmaker: Faraj, a Palestinian boy living in the Old City of Jerusalem, pursued his love for cinema and became a filmmaker. He has directed several award-winning films that tackle social and political issues, aiming to create awareness and inspire change.

4. The children have remained connected: Despite the physical and political barriers, the children featured in Promises have managed to stay in touch over the years. They have maintained strong friendships and often visit each other, bridging the gap between their respective communities.

5. Bader is a successful businessman: Bader, a Palestinian boy living in the West Bank, has become a successful businessman. He owns a chain of cafes and restaurants and actively supports initiatives that foster peace and understanding between Israelis and Palestinians.

6. Moishe and Mahmoud’s friendship endures: Moishe, the Orthodox Jewish boy, and Mahmoud, a Palestinian boy living in East Jerusalem, developed a deep friendship during the filming of Promises. Their bond has remained unbreakable, and they continue to support each other in their personal and professional lives.

7. Promises’ impact on the children’s lives: The Promises documentary had a profound impact on the lives of these children. It not only provided them with a platform to share their stories but also ignited a passion within them to work towards peace and understanding in their communities.

Now, let’s address some common questions that viewers often have about the Promises documentary and the lives of the children featured:

1. Did the children maintain contact after filming ended?
Yes, the children have remained in touch and have formed lasting friendships.

2. Did any of the children pursue careers related to peacebuilding?
Yes, Moishe, Bader, and Sanabel are actively involved in promoting peace and understanding between Israelis and Palestinians.

3. Are there any follow-up documentaries about the children?
No, there haven’t been any specific follow-up documentaries about the lives of these children. However, some of them have been involved in other film projects.

4. Did any of the children move away from Jerusalem?
No, all of the children still have strong ties to Jerusalem, although their work might take them outside the city at times.

5. Have any of the children faced backlash for their involvement in the documentary?
There have been instances where the children faced criticism and backlash for their participation in the Promises documentary. However, they remain resilient in their pursuit of peace.

6. Has the situation in the region improved since the documentary was released?
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains unresolved, with periodic escalations of violence. However, the documentary shed light on the human side of the conflict and continues to inspire dialogue and understanding.

7. Did the children face any personal challenges after the release of the documentary?
Each child faced their own set of challenges, including political tensions, personal growth, and navigating their identities in a conflicted region. However, they have managed to overcome these challenges and remain committed to their goals.

8. How has the Promises documentary impacted viewers worldwide?
The Promises documentary has served as a powerful tool for raising awareness and fostering empathy among viewers worldwide. It has provided a humanizing perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, encouraging people to engage in dialogue and support peace efforts.

9. Are there any plans for a sequel or a reunion of the children?
There haven’t been any official announcements regarding a sequel or reunion of the children featured in Promises. However, their stories continue to inspire and resonate with audiences globally.

10. How can viewers support the children’s initiatives?
Viewers can support the children’s initiatives by following their work on social media, attending their events or film screenings, and actively engaging in discussions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

11. Has the Promises documentary won any awards?
Yes, Promises received numerous awards and nominations, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature in 2002.

12. Are there any other documentaries on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict worth watching?
Yes, several documentaries explore different aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Some notable ones include “The Gatekeepers,” “5 Broken Cameras,” and “The Settlers.”

13. How can individuals contribute to peace efforts in the region?
Individuals can contribute to peace efforts by supporting organizations working towards peacebuilding, engaging in dialogue, educating themselves about the conflict, and advocating for peaceful solutions.

14. Have any of the children gotten married and started families?
While the documentary does not provide updates on the children’s personal lives, it is safe to assume that some of them might have started families. However, specific details are not publicly available.

15. What is the lasting message of the Promises documentary?
The lasting message of the Promises documentary is that despite the deep-rooted conflicts, the children showcased in the film demonstrate that hope, understanding, and friendship can transcend political boundaries and inspire change.

In conclusion, the Promises documentary has left an indelible mark on the lives of the children featured, as well as on viewers worldwide. It continues to serve as a reminder of the power of empathy, understanding, and the importance of fostering peace in a conflict-ridden world.

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