The Girl Next Door True Story What Happened To Her Sister

Title: The Girl Next Door True Story: What Happened to Her Sister?


The Girl Next Door is a harrowing true story that shocked the world. It revolves around the brutal abuse and torture endured by two sisters, Sylvia and Jenny Likens, in the 1960s. While much has been written about Sylvia’s tragic fate, the story of her sister Jenny often remains overshadowed. In this article, we delve into the lesser-known details of Jenny Likens’ life and explore the questions that surround her involvement in this horrific tale.

7 Interesting Facts about Jenny Likens:

1. Age Difference: Jenny Likens was the younger sister of Sylvia Likens. Born on April 13, 1955, she was three years younger than Sylvia. Jenny was only 12 years old when the events unfolded.

2. Relationship with Sylvia: Jenny and Sylvia shared a close bond. Despite their age difference, they were inseparable and faced the horrific ordeal together. Sylvia acted as a protective figure for Jenny amidst the torture.

3. Schooling and Interests: Jenny was a sixth-grade student at the time of the abuse. She attended Arsenal Technical High School in Indianapolis. Jenny loved music and played the clarinet in her school band.

4. Limited Involvement: While Sylvia bore the brunt of the abuse, Jenny was not spared entirely. She was subjected to physical and emotional torment as well. However, her involvement was significantly less than Sylvia’s, as she was often sent away from the house by the perpetrators.

5. Rescue Efforts: Jenny’s rescue came too late to save Sylvia. When the authorities finally intervened, Sylvia had already succumbed to her injuries. Jenny was found in a traumatized state but alive, having endured unimaginable horrors.

6. Post-Traumatic Impact: After the ordeal, Jenny faced severe emotional trauma and struggled to cope with the loss of her sister. She underwent extensive therapy to help rebuild her life and regain a sense of normalcy.

7. Private Life and Legacy: Jenny Likens chose to live her life in utmost privacy after the ordeal. She changed her last name, married, and had children. She passed away on June 23, 2004, at the age of 49.

15 Common Questions about Jenny Likens:

1. Did Jenny actively participate in the torture inflicted on her and Sylvia?
No, Jenny’s involvement was limited compared to Sylvia’s, and she was often sent away from the house by the perpetrators.

2. How did Jenny cope after the ordeal?
Jenny underwent extensive therapy to overcome the emotional trauma and find a sense of normalcy. She chose to live her life privately.

3. Did Jenny ever speak publicly about her ordeal?
No, Jenny Likens opted to keep her life private and did not speak publicly about the events she endured.

4. What was Jenny’s relationship like with her sister Sylvia?
Jenny and Sylvia shared a close bond and faced the abuse together. Sylvia acted as a protective figure for Jenny.

5. Did Jenny have any long-lasting physical injuries?
While Jenny endured physical abuse, her injuries were not as severe as Sylvia’s. She survived the ordeal with no long-lasting physical effects.

6. Did Jenny receive justice for the abuse she endured?
The perpetrators were brought to trial and faced justice for their crimes against both Sylvia and Jenny.

7. Did Jenny have any children?
Yes, Jenny Likens married and had children. However, she chose to keep her personal life private.

8. What is Jenny’s legacy?
Jenny’s legacy lies in her strength and resilience, as well as her ability to rebuild her life after such a traumatic experience.

9. Were there any repercussions for those who failed to intervene in the abuse?
The individuals who failed to report or intervene in the abuse faced legal consequences for their negligence.

10. How did Jenny’s experience impact the legal system regarding child abuse?
The case shed light on the need for stricter child protection laws and prompted reforms in child welfare policies.

11. Were there any books or movies made about Jenny’s life?
While the story of Sylvia Likens has been the subject of books and films, Jenny’s life has remained relatively unknown to the public.

12. What was Jenny’s cause of death?
Jenny Likens passed away due to natural causes on June 23, 2004.

13. Did Jenny ever confront or forgive her abusers?
Jenny did not publicly confront or forgive her abusers. She chose to focus on healing and rebuilding her life.

14. How did the public react to Jenny’s story?
The public was shocked and outraged by the horrific abuse endured by both Sylvia and Jenny Likens. The case sparked a national conversation about child abuse.

15. How has Jenny’s story impacted the fight against child abuse?
The story of Sylvia and Jenny Likens has raised awareness about child abuse and prompted efforts to prevent such atrocities from happening again.


While Sylvia Likens’ story often takes center stage, it is essential to remember Jenny Likens, her sister, who also suffered greatly during this horrific ordeal. Despite enduring unimaginable horrors, Jenny displayed remarkable resilience and rebuilt her life privately. The story of the Likens sisters serves as a stark reminder of the importance of protecting vulnerable individuals and fighting against child abuse.

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