The Haunting In Connecticut Based On A True Story

The Haunting in Connecticut: Based on a True Story

The Haunting in Connecticut is a horror film released in 2009 that claims to be based on a true story. The movie revolves around the Campbell family, who move into a new house in Connecticut to be closer to their son’s cancer treatment center. However, they soon realize that their new home has a dark and terrifying past. In this article, we will explore the facts behind The Haunting in Connecticut and delve into the true story that inspired this spine-chilling film.

Interesting Facts:

1. The Real-Life Haunted House: The movie is based on the experiences of the Snedeker family, who claimed to have lived in a haunted house in Southington, Connecticut, during the 1980s. They lived in a former funeral home, which they believed was still inhabited by malevolent spirits.

2. Ed and Lorraine Warren: The famous paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, were consulted during the Snedeker family’s ordeal. The couple, known for their involvement in high-profile cases like the Amityville haunting, claimed that the Snedeker house was infested with demons.

3. The House’s Disturbing History: The Snedeker house was once a funeral home run by the Hallahan family. Rumors suggest that necrophilia, séances, and other disturbing practices occurred in the house. These dark events allegedly attracted malevolent spirits.

4. Supernatural Experiences: The Snedeker family reported a range of supernatural occurrences in the house, including shadow figures, disembodied voices, and physical attacks. They also claimed to have witnessed their son, Philip, being possessed by demonic entities.

5. The Exorcism Ritual: In an attempt to rid the house of the evil spirits, the Snedeker family sought the help of Catholic priests who performed multiple exorcisms. These exorcisms were believed to be successful, and the family claimed that the paranormal activity ceased after the rituals.

6. Controversy Surrounding the Story: Despite the Snedeker family’s claims, skeptics have criticized their accounts, suggesting that they fabricated the entire story for financial gain. Some argue that the family used their alleged experiences to sell their story and profit from the popularity of supernatural horror.

7. The Movie’s Departure from Reality: While The Haunting in Connecticut claims to be based on a true story, many aspects of the film were embellished or fictionalized for dramatic effect. The movie deviates from the real events, adding elements of horror and suspense to enhance the cinematic experience.

Common Questions:

1. Is The Haunting in Connecticut a true story?
Yes, the movie is based on the alleged experiences of the Snedeker family, who claimed to have lived in a haunted house.

2. Did the Snedeker family really live in a former funeral home?
Yes, the Snedeker family lived in a house that was previously a funeral home in Southington, Connecticut.

3. Were there really demonic entities in the house?
According to the Snedeker family, they encountered demonic entities during their time in the house.

4. Did the Warrens investigate the Snedeker house?
Yes, Ed and Lorraine Warren were involved in the case and provided assistance and guidance to the Snedeker family.

5. Were there any documented supernatural occurrences?
The Snedeker family reported various supernatural occurrences, including shadow figures, disembodied voices, and physical attacks.

6. Did they perform exorcisms on the house?
Yes, the Snedeker family sought the help of Catholic priests, who performed multiple exorcisms to rid the house of evil spirits.

7. Did the paranormal activity stop after the exorcisms?
According to the Snedeker family, the paranormal activity ceased after the exorcisms were performed.

8. Is the Snedeker family’s story widely accepted as true?
The Snedeker family’s story has been met with skepticism, with some suggesting that they fabricated the story for personal gain.

9. What evidence supports the Snedeker family’s claims?
The Snedeker family did not provide substantial evidence to support their claims, leading to skepticism from critics.

10. Have other paranormal investigators looked into the case?
Apart from the Warrens, there has been limited investigation into the Snedeker case by other paranormal investigators.

11. What did the Snedeker family gain by sharing their story?
The Snedeker family reportedly sold their story to a journalist, which was later turned into a book and inspired the movie.

12. Are there any other movies based on the Snedeker family’s story?
Yes, the story has also inspired a documentary called “A Haunting in Connecticut” and a sequel to the original movie.

13. Who played the Snedeker family in the movie?
In the movie, the Snedeker family was portrayed by actors Virginia Madsen, Martin Donovan, and Kyle Gallner.

14. Did the Snedeker family experience any long-term effects from their ordeal?
The Snedeker family claimed to have experienced post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological issues as a result of their experiences in the house.

15. Are there any other famous haunted houses in Connecticut?
Connecticut is known for its rich history of haunted houses, including the infamous Amityville house, which was also investigated by the Warrens.

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