The Possession Based On True Story

The Possession: Based on a True Story

The Possession, released in 2012, is a spine-chilling horror film that claims to be based on a true story. Directed by Ole Bornedal and produced by horror maestro Sam Raimi, the movie follows the haunting experiences of a young girl who becomes possessed by a malevolent spirit after purchasing an antique box at a yard sale. While the film may have scared audiences worldwide, it is the alleged true story behind it that adds an extra layer of intrigue. Here are seven interesting facts about the true events that inspired The Possession.

1. The Dibbuk Box:
The focal point of The Possession is the mysterious Dibbuk box, a wine cabinet said to be haunted by a malicious spirit from Jewish folklore. The real Dibbuk box gained notoriety through an eBay listing in 2003, where it was sold after causing a series of inexplicable misfortunes to its previous owners.

2. The Real Owner:
Kevin Mannis, an antique store owner from Portland, Oregon, was the first known owner of the Dibbuk box. He claimed to have bought it at an estate sale, unaware of the horrors it would unleash. Mannis later sold the box on eBay, accompanied by a detailed account of the paranormal activity that plagued him and his customers.

3. Strange Occurrences:
According to Mannis, after purchasing the Dibbuk box, he experienced a series of bizarre incidents, including strange odors, vivid nightmares, and even the appearance of shadowy figures. His customers also reported experiencing similar phenomena, leading him to believe that the box was indeed cursed.

4. The Curse Spreads:
After selling the box on eBay, a new owner by the name of Jason Haxton took possession of it. Haxton’s experiences with the box were equally disturbing, prompting him to write a book about his ordeal titled “The Dibbuk Box.” The book eventually caught the attention of Hollywood producers, leading to the creation of The Possession.

5. The Film’s Inspiration:
While the movie draws heavily from the real-life events surrounding the Dibbuk box, it takes creative liberties to enhance the horror. The true story of the box’s origins and the identity of the spirit possessing it remain largely unknown.

6. The Real Dibbuk:
In Jewish folklore, a dibbuk is a malicious spirit that possesses the living. It is believed to be the soul of a deceased person who has not found peace and clings to the living, often causing harm and chaos. The Dibbuk box is said to contain such a spirit, making it a dangerous and highly sought-after artifact.

7. The Debate:
As with any story claiming to be based on true events, skepticism is inevitable. Some critics argue that the entire Dibbuk box saga is an elaborate hoax, while others believe the experiences of the owners to be genuine. Regardless of the truth, the tale of the Dibbuk box and its alleged curse continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

Now, let’s answer some common questions about The Possession:

1. Is The Possession a true story?
The Possession claims to be based on a true story involving a haunted wine cabinet known as the Dibbuk box.

2. What is a Dibbuk?
In Jewish folklore, a dibbuk is a malevolent spirit that possesses the living, causing harm and chaos.

3. Who was the first owner of the Dibbuk box?
Kevin Mannis, an antique store owner from Portland, Oregon, was the first known owner of the Dibbuk box.

4. Did the Dibbuk box cause paranormal activity?
According to Mannis and subsequent owners, the Dibbuk box caused a series of strange occurrences, including nightmares, odors, and shadowy figures.

5. Who wrote a book about the Dibbuk box?
Jason Haxton, a subsequent owner of the box, wrote a book titled “The Dibbuk Box” about his experiences.

6. Is the true identity of the Dibbuk spirit known?
The true identity of the spirit possessing the Dibbuk box remains unknown, as the origins and history of the box are murky.

7. Did the real Dibbuk box inspire the events in The Possession?
While The Possession draws inspiration from the alleged events surrounding the Dibbuk box, it takes creative liberties to enhance the horror.

8. Is the Dibbuk box a real artifact?
The existence of the Dibbuk box as a haunted artifact is a subject of debate, with some skeptics dismissing it as a hoax.

9. Did the Dibbuk box curse its owners?
The owners of the Dibbuk box claim to have experienced misfortunes and paranormal activity, attributing them to the curse of the box.

10. Can the Dibbuk box be seen in a museum?
After the events depicted in The Possession, the real Dibbuk box is said to be locked away in a museum, preventing further harm.

11. Has anyone else experienced paranormal activity after owning the Dibbuk box?
Several subsequent owners of the Dibbuk box, including Jason Haxton, reported experiencing paranormal activity and misfortunes.

12. Are there any documented cases of possession by the Dibbuk box spirit?
While there are no documented cases of possession specifically linked to the Dibbuk box, possession by malevolent spirits is a common theme in folklore and paranormal accounts.

13. Was anyone harmed by the Dibbuk box?
There have been claims of physical and psychological harm caused by the Dibbuk box, but skeptics argue that these incidents could be coincidental or the result of suggestion.

14. Is it safe to watch The Possession?
Watching The Possession is entirely safe, as it is a fictionalized account of the alleged events surrounding the Dibbuk box.

15. Are there any other movies based on the Dibbuk box?
Apart from The Possession, there have been no major motion pictures directly based on the Dibbuk box. However, the story has inspired other horror films and documentaries exploring haunted artifacts and possessions.

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