The Stalking Of Laurie Show True Story

The Stalking of Laurie Show True Story: 7 Interesting Facts

The Stalking of Laurie Show is a chilling true story that unfolded in December 1991. It revolves around the life and tragic death of 16-year-old Laurie Show, who lived in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Laurie’s story is a haunting reminder of the dangers of obsession and the devastating consequences it can have. Here are seven interesting facts about this harrowing case.

1. The Obsession Begins:
Laurie Show’s stalker was her classmate and former friend, Lisa Michelle Lambert. The two had a falling out over a boyfriend, and Lisa became obsessed with getting revenge on Laurie. She started stalking her, vandalizing her property, and harassing her both in person and over the phone.

2. A Disturbing Murder Plot:
Unable to cope with her obsession, Lisa hatched a plan to murder Laurie. She enlisted the help of two of her friends, Tabitha Buck and Lawrence “Butch” Yunkin. The plan was for Butch to enter Laurie’s house, overpower her, and slit her throat while Tabitha waited in the car as the getaway driver.

3. The Horrific Crime:
On December 20, 1991, the trio executed their plan. Butch entered Laurie’s home while she was alone and attacked her. Despite her desperate struggle, Laurie was tragically overpowered, and her throat was slit. She was found by her mother upon returning home.

4. The Investigation and Trial:
The investigation into Laurie’s murder led to the arrest of Lisa, Tabitha, and Butch. During the trial, it was revealed that Lisa had left a threatening note at Laurie’s house just days before the murder, further solidifying her motive. All three were found guilty, with Lisa receiving the harshest sentence of life imprisonment without parole. Tabitha and Butch were sentenced to lesser terms.

5. A Troubled Past:
Lisa Lambert had a history of violence and run-ins with the law. She had previously assaulted a teacher and had been expelled from school. Despite this, she was allowed to return to the same school as Laurie, which ultimately led to their fateful encounter.

6. The Impact on the Community:
Laurie’s murder shook the tight-knit community of Lancaster County. It highlighted the need for improved security measures in schools and raised awareness about the dangers of stalking. The case also led to changes in legislation, with Pennsylvania passing anti-stalking laws to protect potential victims.

7. The Legacy of Laurie Show:
Laurie’s tragic death had a lasting impact on her family, friends, and the community. Her loved ones established the Laurie Show Memorial Fund, which provides scholarships to students pursuing careers in criminal justice, a field Laurie had hoped to enter. This fund keeps her memory alive while also supporting others who share her passion for justice.

15 Common Questions about The Stalking of Laurie Show True Story

1. How did Laurie Show meet her stalker?
Laurie and her stalker, Lisa Lambert, were classmates and former friends who had a falling out over a boyfriend.

2. How did Laurie’s stalker become obsessed with her?
Lisa became obsessed with Laurie after their falling out and started stalking her, vandalizing her property, and harassing her.

3. Who were Lisa’s accomplices in the murder?
Lisa enlisted the help of her friends, Tabitha Buck and Lawrence “Butch” Yunkin, to carry out the murder.

4. How did Laurie Show die?
Laurie was brutally attacked in her home by Butch, who overpowered her and slit her throat.

5. What happened to Laurie’s stalker and her accomplices?
Lisa was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, while Tabitha and Butch received lesser sentences.

6. Did the stalking have any warning signs?
Yes, Lisa had previously assaulted a teacher and had been expelled from school, indicating a history of violence.

7. How did the community respond to Laurie’s murder?
The community was deeply affected by Laurie’s murder, leading to increased awareness about stalking and improved security measures in schools.

8. Did the case lead to any changes in legislation?
Yes, Pennsylvania passed anti-stalking laws in the wake of Laurie’s murder to protect potential victims.

9. What is the Laurie Show Memorial Fund?
The Laurie Show Memorial Fund provides scholarships to students pursuing criminal justice careers in Laurie’s memory.

10. What impact did Laurie’s death have on her family and friends?
Laurie’s death had a lasting impact on her loved ones and the community, forever changing their lives.

11. Is there a book or movie based on this true story?
Yes, there is a book titled “The Stalking of Laurie Show” by Jay Dobyns and Paul Lonardo.

12. How did Laurie’s murder affect schools in Lancaster County?
Laurie’s murder prompted schools to implement improved security measures to ensure the safety of their students.

13. Was Laurie Show the only victim of her stalker?
Yes, Laurie was the main target of Lisa’s obsession, but her family and friends were also affected by the tragedy.

14. Are there any lessons to be learned from Laurie’s story?
Laurie’s story serves as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of obsession and the importance of recognizing the signs of stalking.

15. How can we prevent similar tragedies from happening?
Raising awareness about stalking, supporting victims, and advocating for stricter laws can help prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

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