The Upside Based On A True Story

The Upside: Based on a True Story

The Upside is a heartwarming film that tells the inspiring true story of a friendship that transcends social and economic boundaries. Directed by Neil Burger, the movie stars Bryan Cranston, Kevin Hart, and Nicole Kidman. It is a remake of the 2011 French film, The Intouchables, and takes viewers on an emotional journey filled with laughter, tears, and valuable life lessons. Here are seven interesting facts about The Upside based on a true story:

1. The film is inspired by the life of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo: The Upside is based on the real-life story of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, a wealthy Frenchman who became paralyzed from the neck down after a paragliding accident in 1993. Di Borgo’s memoir, A Second Wind, served as the primary source material for the movie.

2. The friendship between two unlikely individuals: The Upside revolves around the unlikely friendship between Philippe (played by Bryan Cranston), a wealthy quadriplegic, and Dell (played by Kevin Hart), a recently paroled ex-convict who becomes Philippe’s caretaker. The film explores the power of human connection and how it can transform lives.

3. Breaking stereotypes with humor: The Upside challenges societal stereotypes by using humor to bridge the gap between two individuals from different worlds. Kevin Hart’s comedic timing adds levity to the story, making it relatable and entertaining for audiences.

4. A true story of personal growth: The Upside showcases the personal growth of both Philippe and Dell. Philippe learns to appreciate life’s simple pleasures, while Dell gains a sense of purpose and responsibility. Their journey highlights the importance of self-discovery and personal development.

5. The film’s success at the box office: Despite mixed reviews from critics, The Upside was a commercial success, grossing over $100 million worldwide. Audiences were drawn to the heartwarming story and the chemistry between the lead actors.

6. A tale of friendship that transcends boundaries: The Upside emphasizes the power of friendship and how it can transcend social and economic boundaries. Philippe and Dell’s friendship defies societal expectations, proving that genuine connections can exist between individuals from vastly different backgrounds.

7. A reminder to live life to the fullest: The Upside serves as a reminder to seize every moment and appreciate life’s blessings. The film encourages viewers to find joy in the simplest of things and to make the most of every opportunity.

Now, let’s address 15 common questions about The Upside:

1. Is The Upside a true story?
Yes, The Upside is based on the true story of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, a wealthy quadriplegic who formed an unlikely friendship with an ex-convict caretaker.

2. Who plays the lead roles in The Upside?
Bryan Cranston portrays Philippe, while Kevin Hart plays Dell. Nicole Kidman also stars as Yvonne, Philippe’s assistant.

3. What is the inspiration behind The Upside?
The film is inspired by Philippe Pozzo di Borgo’s memoir, A Second Wind.

4. Is The Upside a comedy or a drama?
The Upside combines elements of both comedy and drama, creating a heartwarming and uplifting experience.

5. When was The Upside released?
The Upside was released in the United States on January 11, 2019.

6. Who directed The Upside?
Neil Burger directed The Upside.

7. Did The Upside receive any awards or nominations?
While The Upside did not receive major awards or nominations, it resonated with audiences worldwide.

8. How did audiences respond to The Upside?
Audiences embraced The Upside, as evidenced by its commercial success at the box office.

9. Is The Upside a remake of a French film?
Yes, The Upside is a remake of the 2011 French film, The Intouchables.

10. What are some of the life lessons portrayed in The Upside?
The film teaches valuable life lessons such as the importance of friendship, appreciating the little things, and finding purpose in unexpected places.

11. Is The Upside suitable for all audiences?
The Upside is rated PG-13 and contains some language and adult themes, so parental discretion is advised.

12. How does The Upside differ from the original French film?
While the overall storyline remains the same, The Upside has been adapted to cater to an American audience and features a different cast.

13. Does The Upside accurately portray the challenges of quadriplegia?
The film strives to depict the challenges faced by individuals with quadriplegia, but it also focuses on the emotional journey and personal growth of the characters.

14. What is the running time of The Upside?
The Upside has a running time of approximately 126 minutes.

15. Where can I watch The Upside?
The Upside is available for streaming on various platforms, including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

In conclusion, The Upside is a heartwarming and inspiring film based on the true story of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo. It breaks stereotypes, showcases personal growth, and emphasizes the power of friendship. The movie reminds us to appreciate life’s blessings and to make the most of every opportunity. With its mix of comedy and drama, The Upside is a truly captivating cinematic experience.

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