Was Unfriended Based On A True Story

Title: Was Unfriended Based on a True Story? Unraveling the Facts Behind the Thrilling Horror Film


Unfriended, released in 2014, is a gripping found-footage horror film that takes place entirely on a computer screen. It follows a group of friends haunted by a mysterious figure named “Billie227” during a Skype conversation. Many viewers have wondered whether this chilling tale is based on true events. In this article, we will delve into the origins of Unfriended and explore seven interesting facts about its creation. Additionally, we will address fifteen common questions related to the film.

7 Interesting Facts about the Creation of Unfriended:

1. Inspired by real-life cyberbullying: While Unfriended is not based on a specific true story, it draws inspiration from real-life incidents of cyberbullying. The film aims to shed light on the consequences and dangers of online harassment.

2. Unique storytelling technique: Unfriended stands out due to its innovative storytelling method. The entire film unfolds on a computer screen, providing an immersive experience that reflects the digital age we live in.

3. The film’s original title: Unfriended was originally titled “Cybernatural” during its early development stages before being changed to its current name.

4. Filmed in one continuous take: To enhance the authenticity of the computer screen experience, Unfriended was filmed in one continuous take. This demanding technique added to the film’s intensity and realism.

5. Real-time reactions: The actors were not provided with the entire script, and some of the scares were not revealed to them beforehand. This approach allowed for genuine reactions and added to the suspense.

6. A low-budget success: With a production budget of only $1 million, Unfriended achieved significant commercial success, grossing over $64 million worldwide. Its financial triumph proved that a compelling story can captivate audiences, even with minimal resources.

7. A franchise in the making: Following the success of Unfriended, a sequel titled “Unfriended: Dark Web” was released in 2018. The second installment explored another terrifying online horror story, further establishing the franchise’s popularity.

15 Common Questions about Unfriended:

1. Is Unfriended based on a true story?
No, Unfriended is not based on a specific true story, but it takes inspiration from real-life incidents of cyberbullying.

2. Why was Unfriended filmed in one continuous take?
Filming in one continuous take added to the film’s realism and intensified the computer screen experience.

3. Were the actors aware of all the scares in the film?
No, the actors were not given the entire script and some scares were not revealed to them beforehand, resulting in genuine reactions.

4. How much did Unfriended gross at the box office?
Unfriended, with its $1 million budget, grossed over $64 million worldwide, making it a commercial success.

5. What was the original title of Unfriended?
The film was initially titled “Cybernatural” before being renamed “Unfriended.”

6. Did Unfriended spawn a franchise?
Yes, a sequel titled “Unfriended: Dark Web” was released in 2018, further expanding the franchise.

7. How did the film highlight the dangers of cyberbullying?
Unfriended aimed to shed light on the consequences of cyberbullying by portraying the haunting experience of a group of friends.

8. Were there any real-life cases that inspired Unfriended?
While Unfriended does not directly depict real-life cases, it draws inspiration from various incidents of cyberbullying.

9. What was the budget for Unfriended?
The film was made on a modest budget of $1 million.

10. Who directed Unfriended?
The film was directed by Levan Gabriadze.

11. How long did it take to shoot Unfriended?
The filming process for Unfriended took approximately 16 days.

12. Did the actors improvise their dialogue?
Although the actors were given guidelines, much of their dialogue was improvised to enhance the natural flow of the conversations.

13. Did Unfriended receive critical acclaim?
Unfriended received mixed reviews from critics, with praise for its unique concept and execution, but some criticism for its characters and story.

14. Were any real computer programs used in the film?
Real programs and websites were utilized to maintain authenticity, but the majority of the film’s content was created specifically for the movie.

15. Is Unfriended suitable for younger audiences?
Unfriended is rated R due to its intense and violent content, making it unsuitable for younger viewers.


While Unfriended is not directly based on a true story, it serves as a cautionary tale about the perils of cyberbullying. With its unique storytelling technique, success on a limited budget, and the birth of a franchise, Unfriended has left a lasting impact on the horror genre. By exploring the film’s origins and addressing common questions, we can appreciate the creativity and innovation that went into crafting this chilling cinematic experience.

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