Who Survived In The Dirty Dozen

Who Survived In The Dirty Dozen: 7 Interesting Facts

The Dirty Dozen is a classic war film released in 1967 that tells the story of twelve convicted criminals who are given a chance at redemption by undertaking a dangerous mission during World War II. The film is known for its intense action sequences and memorable characters. While the fate of most of the characters remains unknown, here are seven interesting facts about the survivors in The Dirty Dozen.

1. Major John Reisman (Lee Marvin)
One of the main characters in the film, Major John Reisman is portrayed by Lee Marvin. Despite facing numerous challenges throughout the mission, Major Reisman manages to survive and successfully complete the mission. Marvin’s portrayal of the tough and determined Major Reisman earned him critical acclaim and solidified his status as one of Hollywood’s finest actors.

2. Sergeant Ernest “Ernie” Borgnine (Victor R. Franko)
Sergeant Ernest Borgnine plays the role of Victor R. Franko, one of the members of the Dirty Dozen. Despite being injured during the mission, Franko survives and makes it back alive. Borgnine’s powerful performance added depth and complexity to the character, making him one of the most memorable members of the Dirty Dozen.

3. Private Robert Jefferson (Jim Brown)
Jim Brown portrays Private Robert Jefferson, an African-American soldier and former professional football player. Jefferson’s character faces significant adversity during the mission but manages to survive and escape from the enemy’s grasp. Brown’s portrayal of Jefferson was praised for its authenticity and added an important layer of representation to the film.

4. Private Joseph Wladislaw (Charles Bronson)
Private Joseph Wladislaw, portrayed by Charles Bronson, is a former officer in the Polish Army who was convicted of killing an officer. Despite being initially hesitant about the mission, Wladislaw survives and becomes a key contributor to its success. Bronson’s portrayal of the brooding and mysterious Wladislaw added a sense of intrigue to the film.

5. Sergeant Clyde Bowren (Richard Jaeckel)
Richard Jaeckel plays the role of Sergeant Clyde Bowren, a skilled soldier and one of the members of the Dirty Dozen. Bowren survives the mission, showcasing his bravery and resourcefulness in the face of danger. Jaeckel’s performance as Bowren earned him critical acclaim and further solidified his reputation as a talented character actor.

6. Captain Stuart Kinder (John Cassavetes)
Captain Stuart Kinder, portrayed by John Cassavetes, is a rebellious and unpredictable soldier who is part of the Dirty Dozen. Despite facing numerous challenges and internal conflicts, Kinder survives the mission and plays a crucial role in its success. Cassavetes’ portrayal of the complex and morally ambiguous Kinder added depth and intrigue to the film.

7. Samson Posey (Clint Walker)
Samson Posey, played by Clint Walker, is a gentle giant and one of the members of the Dirty Dozen. Despite being initially underestimated by his fellow soldiers, Posey proves his worth and survives the mission. Walker’s portrayal of Posey added a sense of vulnerability and humanity to the character, making him a fan favorite.

Now, let’s move on to some commonly asked questions about The Dirty Dozen.

1. Did any of the Dirty Dozen survive?
Yes, several members of the Dirty Dozen survive the dangerous mission.

2. Who was the leader of the Dirty Dozen?
Major John Reisman, portrayed by Lee Marvin, was the leader of the Dirty Dozen.

3. Did any major characters die in the film?
Yes, several major characters die during the mission, but the fate of most characters is left unknown.

4. Was the mission successful?
Yes, despite facing many challenges, the Dirty Dozen successfully completes their mission.

5. Who played the African-American soldier in the film?
Jim Brown portrayed Private Robert Jefferson, the African-American soldier in the Dirty Dozen.

6. What was the significance of the Dirty Dozen mission?
The mission was a way for the military to give convicted criminals a chance at redemption and contribute to the war effort.

7. Who directed The Dirty Dozen?
The Dirty Dozen was directed by Robert Aldrich.

8. Did any of the actors receive awards for their performances?
No, none of the actors received awards for their performances in The Dirty Dozen.

9. Is The Dirty Dozen based on a true story?
No, The Dirty Dozen is a work of fiction.

10. Was The Dirty Dozen a commercial success?
Yes, The Dirty Dozen was a commercial success and is considered a classic war film.

11. Are there any plans for a sequel to The Dirty Dozen?
No, there are no plans for a sequel to The Dirty Dozen.

12. Did the film receive positive reviews?
Yes, The Dirty Dozen received mostly positive reviews from critics.

13. How long is the film?
The Dirty Dozen has a runtime of approximately two hours and thirty minutes.

14. Did any of the surviving characters appear in the film’s sequel?
No, none of the surviving characters appear in the film’s sequel, The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission.

15. Is The Dirty Dozen available to stream online?
Yes, The Dirty Dozen is available to stream on various online platforms.

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